Health Care Marketing Done Right

A full-service digital marketing agency for doctors, dentist, medical practices and health care professionals.

Not all digital marketing is created equal, and every business is going to have different needs. This is important to keep in mind when it comes to the medical industry. Doctors, dentists, and other medical providers aren’t just any other business; they provide an essential service to countless people every day.

PNJ Digital Marketing can help you grow your practice by providing only the highest quality healthcare marketing services that bring more patients into your office.



SEO refers to the analysis and measurement of how prominently your website is displayed on Google and other major search engines when prospective patients are trying to find information about your practice.

PNJ Digital can ramp up your website’s SEO so that it’s found quickly and easily by prospective patients in your locale/market.


Social media management is the process of organizing and maintaining your online presence on the social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) of your practice.

PNJ Digital can consistently create and publish updates for your social media channels that are helpful and informative. We can analyze how users are reacting to these updates, and we can engage/interact with your current and prospective patients.


Reputation management aims to shape public perception of your practice by sharing and posting constructive information about it on the Internet.

PNJ Digital can devise an effective reputation management strategy to improve and enhance the marketplace assessment/standing of your practice’s capabilities, methodology, and results.


Digital media buying is the process of purchasing advertisements about your practice on websites, social media channels (Facebook, etc.), apps, and other digital platforms that are read by your prospective patients.

PNJ Digital can recommend the best options of where your digital advertisements would be seen by the greatest number of prospective patients.

We can then design, place, and strategically plan your ad campaigns so we can deliver the results you want and maximize your ROI.


PPC, or pay-per-click, advertising is a method commonly used in digital marketing to supplement organic traffic and SEO. PPC advertisements appear as the very first result for a particular keyword search on popular search engines like Google, making it more likely that those searching for that keyword will click on your result. Having a higher search result ranking is critical in driving traffic to your company website, making these advertising spots incredibly valuable for promoting your business.


Website design involves creating a unique look, feel, and layout of the website for your practice. Website hosting involves placing your completed website in a reserved space on the Internet so that your current and prospective patients can visit it.

PNJ Digital can build/design, launch, and maintain the website for your practice, which would include the following:

  • ensuring that the essential information about your practice is presented clearly and concisely
  • including artwork, images, and photography that would appeal to your current and prospective patients
  • making sure that prospective patients can easily understand the health benefits that you deliver
  • giving the messaging, appearance, and experience of your website a distinct edge over your competitors
  • optimizing your site so that prospective patients can view it quickly and easily on any digital device (laptop, desktop, tablet, phone)
  • making it simple for prospective patients to contact you.


Content creation refers to the formulation and publishing of timely information about your practice. This educational content would inform your current and prospective patients about your distinctive point of view and your noteworthy skills, experience, and capabilities.

It would be featured on your website and shared via your social media channels.

PNJ Digital can work with you to produce different forms of this information – such as…

  • topical blog posts that can be read
  • enlightening videos that can be viewed
  • instructive audio interviews that can be listened to

This multimedia content would position you as an influential innovator in your field and be useful for your current and prospective patients.


Video creation is essential for improving brand image and helping you stay recognized as a leader in the medical industry. But with video marketing becoming more frequent, it can be challenging to convey your branded message in a way that’s unique and maximizes your outreach. That’s where PNJ Digital comes in.


Launched in YEAR 2018, PNJ Digital is a U.S. based digital marketing agency that serves over 100 doctors, dentist, medical practices and health care professionals using a proprietary Triple S™ methodology.

We’re the first and only agency of our kind that delivers a trio of essential business-building benefits for our clients:

  • Simple messaging – to clearly/concisely communicate with your prospective patients
  • Streamlined implementation – to launch your digital marketing initiatives as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • Strategic planning – to ensure that your measurable results are consistent with the specific needs and goals of your practice